How To Remove Old Boat Window Frames

How to Remove Old Boat Window Frames

As you can see, removing the boat window frames in preparation for your boat restoration project is a very simple process.  In some cases, the caulk has hardened over time, so a little extra muscle might be required.  Once the caulking has been loosened and the screws are removed, you can begin to loosen the boat window frames by wedging a small pry bar behind the boat window frame.  Use care not to scratch the paint on the boat. Although Lookout Boat Window Frames are designed to cover up the previous window frame area by 1/4 inch, that is not a lot of room for error. Once the old boat window frame is removed, carefully strip off the remaining caulk and clean up the edges to a fairly smooth finish.

In the pictures below you can tell that this particular window frame has an arch on one corner.  Since we cannot build this window with mitered cuts, we will be custom building this Lookout Boat Window Frame.

[cincopa 10702709]

Next we will show you how we secured the window opening while the frames are built.   This step is optional depending on if you already have your new Lookout Boat Window Frames ready to install.

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