Boat Windows

Fiberglass Aft Quarter Fenders

Aft Quarter Fenders

Fiberglass Aft Quarter Fenders Boat Maintenance Just Got Easier! Aft Quarter Fenders made of wood are often found on vintage Hatteras Yachts. Some folks refer to them spray rails, but to the contrary, the function is not to prevent spray. Instead, they protect the hull from damage when docked on a floating dock. In addition, a stainless steel strip is attached over the fender to provide more protection. Of course we know that wood and water don’t mix. The caulk used to seal the wood to the hull degrades and provides an opening for water to invade the wook….

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Wrap Around Boat Window Frames

Fiberglass Replacement Curved Boat Window Frames The curved frames fit various Hatteras models with corner boat windshields. However, custom curved frames can be fabricated for other boats as well. Because we’re all about making low maintenance products, we installed laminated safety glass in these frames. This requires a lot of craftsmanship to get it just right. But since there’s been a demand on placing plexiglass in these frames as well, we now offer both options.  

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Acrylic Replacement Boat Windshields and Windscreens

Acrylic Boat Windscreen Repair and Replacement

Overtime acrylic boat windshields begin to craze and crack as seen in the picture below on this boat console windshield. Typically these windscreens last around 5-6 years. We offer acrylic windshield replacement with several options such as width and height, thickness and tint of the acrylic. Acrylic Thickness: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ Acrylic Tint: Clear, Smoke, Bronze

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Acrylic Curved Boat Windshields

Acrylic Windshields We design and replace custom curved acrylic boat windshields and windscreens.  Pictured is a custom acrylic replacement boat windshield designed for a Hatteras 58′ Motor Yacht replacement side windshield. Our 3D digitizer allows us to create accurate 3D measurement data or data from existing drawings. The 3D digitizer allows us to perform complex operations such as duplicating 3D surfaces to design replacement curved boat glass or curved boat window frames.  

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Hatteras Long Range Cruiser 65′

Hatteras LRC 65' port light , pic

Replacement port lights and aft deck boat windows are an improvement to bring this Hatteras 65′ Long Range Cruiser up to date.

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Bertram 31′ Bulkhead Windows

Bulkhead Windows These replacement bulkhead windows were recently installed on a 31′ Bertram. Notice the interior portion of the frame. The interior frame is finished off so nice and fits so snug, there is no need for interior trim around the frame. Voila! So simple!  

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Hatch Cover Replacement Trim Rings

Details: These replacement hatch trim rings fit the Bomar hatches used in Hatteras Yachts. The replacement rings are made from fiberglass or PVC and can be painted.  No need for screws as the rings are attached with epoxy. The outside dimensions are designed slightly larger than the original rings. This covers up previous paint lines, which saves you time, eliminates prep work and maintains a clean appearance.

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Hatteras Convertible 38′ Series II

Replacement windows for a Hatteras Convertible 38′ Series II

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Hatteras Convertible 52′

Aft Salon Window These pictures look like a mirror. Grey-lite 14 glass was used in this application. The darker glass helps to maintain the cooler temperature in the cabin. This is a popular glass tint in warmer climates.

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In the News: Innovative Technology

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