Hatteras Double Cabin 43′

Photo of Boat Windows on Hatteras 43'

The ‘Taylor G’ is a  43′ Hatteras Double Cabin.  She was purchased approximately one year ago with plans for extended cruises to the Bahamas and long weekends at Cape Lookout.  Although the Taylor G was in relatively good condition, renovations, such as repairing the damaged woodwork from the leaky boat windows was an obvious punch list item.  But the more important task was putting the boat mechanicals to test to determine what work, if any, would be necessary to ensure the vessel was sound.

After a year of trial runs, the boat owner was satisfied that both the engines and the generator were in good working condition for safe cruising. But before any interior renovations could begin, the owner was convinced that the leaky boat windows must be addressed first.  Restoration of the leaking cabin boat windows would stop further water damage to the existing wood trim.  Therefore other interior work could be performed without fear of damage caused by water leaks.

This is where we came in.  While the owner revamped the plumbing, we were happy to update the Taylor G with fiberglass replacement boat windows.  First, we requested the paint color code for the exterior of the Taylor G  to match paint for the fiberglass frames. The Taylor G also had the boat window glass replaced in the pilot house, so the owner chose the glass tint to match both the pilot house glass and in the glass in the new salon boat window frames.  When the windows were ready for installation, one of our recommended boat window specialists installed the boat windows at the dock.

As you can see in the pictures,  the Taylor G instantly has an updated look while maintaining the traditional character of a Hatteras Yacht.  And since water leaks are now no longer a problem,  this Do-It-Yourself boat owner has repaired the interior water damage around the windows, restored the headliner and installed new carpet.  One of the last items on the punch list will be a new exterior paint job, which should take place prior to next year for cruising.

The Taylor G is scheduled for an extended cruise to the Bahamas in the summer of 2012 for the couples’ 10th wedding anniversary.  We wish them the very best and hope they enjoy the beautiful scenery on every cruise from the Taylor G’s new Lookout Boat Windows!

Other Job Details:

This 1976 model 43′ Hatteras Double Cabin is replacing the old aluminum boat window frames in the salon with new fiberglass replacement boat window frames. Due to the fact that the aluminum boat windows in the pilot house serve as part of the permanent structure, fiberglass replacement window frames are not an option.  Therefore only the window glass on the upper pilot house will be replaced by one of our recommended boat window specialists.

At the request of the boat owner, we are providing a turn key boat window project.  This includes the removal of the boat windows and frames, prep work and the boat window installation at a dock near our boat window manufacturing facility on the ICW.

Paint and Glass

Although the boat owner plans to paint his Hatteras in the future, the fiberglass boat window frames were painted Oyster White to match the color of the current paint job. The glass is laminated safety glass which is the industry standard for this application.  The owner chose Industrial Grey for the window tint.

In the Pictures

The old boat window removal can be seen in the pictures.  This requires only a few tools as discussed in the boat window installation videos.  The proceeding two pictures details the method in which the new boat windows were blocked up with wedges until the epoxy cures, which takes approximately 45 minutes.  The next few shots reveal a new boat window, ready to go!

Boat Window Installation Time

The time it took two skilled boat window specialists to complete this boat window replacement was approximately 2 hours start to finish (minus cure time).  For the DIY’er, this task will require two people and approximately 3 hours to complete.  (That doesn’t include the time it takes to drive to the hardware store for the tools you forgot to pick up on the first trip- hee hee!)  Of course, if several boat windows are being installed at once, the calculated time involved will be less, as it is easier to prep for several windows at once vs. one window at a time.