Lookout Boat Window FramesHatt 58 YF pilot house window

Lookout Boat Window Frames, LLC has been in business since 2009. The fiberglass windows were developed out of our own need for replacement windows on our own Hatteras 58′ Yacht Fish. 

Originally we removed our windshields and re-embedded them and discovered that we didn’t want to ever do that again! That was hard work and we still didn’t achieve the results we were looking for. Inevitably, it was only a matter of time before that process would need to be repeated with aluminum windows. So we understand the challenges involved with old aluminum windows. 

Unfortunately, our old aluminum framed windows leaked and caused interior damage.  Although we wanted a permanent fix for replacement boat windows, the only solution was to replace the windows with new aluminum frames. But if we replaced the windows with aluminum frames again, we knew we’d be right back in the same place in 5 years…leaking windows, remove, re-embed…wash, rinse, repeat scenario!

So from there we came up with a solution eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners which are responsible for corrosion that lead to window leaks. These fiberglass window frames will solve your leaky window problem and lower boat maintenance.

What Can We Do For You?

Our specialty is building custom fiberglass replacement boat window frames with fixed and in some cases, sliding glass windows. There are no mechanical fasteners that involves metal. We use 3D digital measuring technology and 3D printing build the windows and the window parts.


  • Window measurement services with 3D digitizer
  • CNC Services
  • Replacement Glass
  • Fiberglass Windows and Other Fiberglass Products
    • Window Replacement
    • Portlights Replacement
    • Trim Rings
    • Windscreen Supports
    • Clamshell Covers
    • Engine Vents
    • Custom Fiberglass Parts
    • Doors
    • Other fiberglass Products
  • Acrylic
    • Replacement Acrylic Windshields, etc.
    • Acrylic Boat Doors
    • Flybridge Windscreens