Hatteras 55′ Convertible Updates Windows With Customization

Picture of Hatteras 55' replacement side windowsThis Hatteras 55′ Convertible, located in Maryland, was experiencing leaking boat windows and corrosion and pitting on the old aluminum frames. The corrosion was most likely the culprit, but we’ve seen leaking windows in the past that has resulted from a combination of corroding aluminum frames and deteriorating rubber seals. For this Hatteras owner, the choice was made to replace the windows with fiberglass frames instead of repeating the problem with restored or new aluminum frames, that will eventually lead to the same leaky problem.

The customer decided to make a few changes, which we were happy to accommodate. The  design of the Aft Salon window was customized with a curve and enlarged. The Hatteras also received all new port lights. The installer, Tony (call for contact information) was extremely satisfied with the windows and the easy installation process. The customer was satisfied with the new windows and the new look. You can see the installation process in the pictures.

Pic of Hatt 55' Conv Side Windows

Picture of replacement windshields on 55' Hatteras Convertible with Grey Lite 14 glass

Picture of Hatteras 55' Convertible Replacement Windshield

Picture of replacement port lights on Hatteras 55' Convertible


Pic of installation of side salon windows on 55' Hatteras


Picture of boat window installation





interior trim picture

Hatteras 55 Convertible_Lookout Boat Window Frames.com_8

Hatteras 55 Convertible_Lookout Boat Window Frames.com_7 Hatteras 55 Convertible_Lookout Boat Window Frames.com_6 Hatteras 55 Convertible_Lookout Boat Window Frames.com_5 Hatteras 55 Convertible_Lookout Boat Window Frames.com_4 Hatteras 55 Convertible_Lookout Boat Window Frames.com_2 Hatteras 55 Convertible_Lookout Boat Window Frames.com

Ocean Yacht

Blind Dividers

In cases where a window is rather large and the design of the boat has a bow in the design, blind dividers are helpful to keep the glass size manageable and to compensate for the bow design

This replacement window was modified to include a ‘blind divider’ due to the size of the window and a bow-shape in the design of the boat. The blind divider allows for keeping the glass manageable.

Picture of Ocean Yacht windows
42′ Ocean Yacht replacement boat windows


Port Lights are now available in two sizes.


Small: Rough opening size = 15 3/4″ x 8 ” Finished size: 17 5/8″ x 9 3/4″

Large: call please

Picture of port light
Small Port Light – Grey Light 14 Glass
Picture of small and large port lights
Small and Large Port Lights


Picture of small portlight
Small Port Light with Grey Lite 14 Glass


Picture of port light
Small port light replacement window

Hatteras Cockpit Motor Yacht 67′






A Response to Anodizing Aluminum Frames

Here’s an excerpt from a conversation on the Sam’s Marine Hatteras Owner’s Forum titled ‘Window Frames':

Yes sir done it a few to many times by the book and a few years down the road it starts again! The only thing that holds up best is to anodize it. But still not full proof if your in Salt water.

Talked with a older Gent been Anodizing all his life owns his own company here on the Island. His response was

“Son it will hold up if you anodize it then put it in the boat and put the boat up on blocks in the back yard”

On my list for updates is Fiberglass frames from Broadus Nice stuff and No more corrosion !

End Of The Line II
1967 34C

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Hatteras Sport Cruiser 31′

Curved Glass Windshield

This 1974 model Hatteras recently had the boat windshields replaced with our fiberglass replacement boat window frames and glass.   The original boat windshields were made from aluminum frames with plexi-glass, due to the curve of the windshield.  The windows were leaking and the plexi-glass was aged with visible crazing.

Our ability to bend glass allowed us to replace the windshields with custom curved glass made from laminated safety glass.  In this particular application, the customer selected tinted glass.

[button color=”lightblue”] This customer reports: “Windows are great,no leaks.”[/button]

[button link=”http://www.boatwindowframes.com/boat-windshields-hatteras-lrc” type=”big”] View other curved boat window frames![/button]


Hatteras 53′ Motor Yacht Boat Windows

A Hatteras Motor Yacht has an updated look with corrosion free fiberglass replacement boat windows.  These boat windows were installed by the owner with the help of our “How to Install” video series .

The windows that were replaced in this phase of restoration included:

        • Front Boat Windshields
        • Pilot House Windows
        • Galley Windows

As you can see in these pictures, the paint line from the previous aluminum windows is not visible.  Although this boat is slated for a paint job,  if a boat’s paint is in good condition, there is no need to paint the boat after installing Lookout Boat Window Frames.  We design our frames to make your installation as simple and cost effective as possible.

Hatteras Motor Yacht 53' Boat WindowsHatteras Motor Yacht 53' Boat WindowsHatteras Motor Yacht 53' Boat Windows

Let us know if we can answer any questions about your boat window restoration project!



Hatteras 55′ Replacement Boat Windows